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Sunday 24th September 2017

Rivage helps the local community

At the outset of the planning process, Lawrence Butler of Devington Homes agreed to support the local community with various projects and contributions. The Cornish developer was keen to make a positive impact on a city close to his heart.

More than £15,000 was put towards local schools and education. A futher significant contribution was put towards libraries in the area and more than £6,000 donated to establishing or maintaining playing pitches.

Nearly £2,500 was paid by the developer to be spent on improving the play park facilities in the locality, and a further £3,500 given to be spent on the upgrade or management of West Hoe Park.

In addition, a huge £40,000 was invested by the developer into the local infrastructure. This includes support into the creation and maintenance of green spaces in the city, management of the Tamar estuaries, sports facilities, key transport and public areas.

This is a significant investment by Devington Homes which will make a real difference to the local community.