Green Credentials

Devington Homes is a developer that cares. Rivage has been carefully designed with sustainability in mind, with thorough consideration applied to both its construction and the materials used.

The development utilises the very latest in green technology. Just some of these elements are detailed below:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels are located on the roof of the building supplying individual apartments with electricity
  • Each apartment has its own control panel showing how much solar energy is being created and stored
  • It boasts an impressive 'living green roof' with plants and vegetation
  • Innovative solar reflective windows will minimise heat gain in the apartments, allowing lower summertime temperatures without the use of un-environmentally friendly air conditioning systems
  • All apartments benefit from an environmentally friendly ventilation heat recovery system. This system provides fresh air and improved climate control using air circulation, while also saving energy
  • Ingenious low energy and energy re-generating lifts will be in use in the communal areas
  • Heating is provided by a high-efficiency, low-NOx central boiler
  • The thermal properties of the walls, floors and roof all exceed current building regulations